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Re-inventing oneself - Art, Humanitarianism and entrepreneurship

Starting My Petite Gallery has been a challenging yet exciting journey thus far. There have been moments when all I wanted to do was give up, alongside others where excitement consumed me. There have been periods of impatience, frustration, surprise, contentment, and sheer joy.

Street poster in Philadephia, PA

One of my greatest accomplishments has been curating a varied group of artists, each with unique backgrounds, mediums, and themes. It's immensely rewarding to see how each artist's work tells a distinct story and evokes unique emotions in viewers. I am a huge fan of all the artists I work with: Claire, Pauline, Pierre, Sarah, Bart, and Jahan are remarkable artists, and I cannot wait for people to learn more about them and own their pieces.

I also love the people I met along the way and the partnerships and collaborations I initiated with Watsi, Partners Global, Une Toile a Soi, and so many other organizations and individuals. The common denominator is that people have been kind, caring, and non-judgmental. I worked with various vendors who were incredibly kind and patient with me, as were the artists who trusted me despite my inexperience.

The greatest challenge has been grappling with the feelings of loneliness that accompany building a business on my own. I miss the camaraderie of having colleagues around, bouncing ideas off of one another, and getting support when needed. However, having control of my schedule is something I enjoy, and I wouldn't give that up for anything. It has allowed more time for self-care, workouts, and spending time with friends and family.

Overcoming imposter syndrome has been difficult as well. I am not an art expert and I don't pretend to be. My credentials are a 6-week online Sotheby Institute's certificate on managing an art gallery and a genuine love for the artists and artworks I represent. I am definitely learning by doing. I've made mistakes, and I will surely continue to make more. I am struggling to excel as a logistician, a salesperson, a marketing expert, an accountant (I am the worst at this!), a PR guru, and a web designer, all while being an art gallery director. Sometimes, it feels as if there are so many roles to fill, I lose track of the most important ones: an artist liaison, a curator, and a partner.

I experienced a low period after our first art show in September. I think I became obsessed with certain objectives I set for myself. I was worried I let the artists down because the show did not sell out. I began to question if I was a good fit for this job. Taking a pause allowed new opportunities to surface. New artists, new partners, new ideas, and a selection at an art fair in NYC in 2024 (more about this soon!). Small wins came in unexpected forms like successfully filing my sales taxes, launching an Instagram and Facebook store (now live!), creating a beautiful catalog for our September Art Show, and sharing meaningful moments with My Petite Gallery's artists during the show "Art for Humanity - Hope and Resilience".

As My Petite Gallery grows, it becomes increasingly clear that my passion for art and supporting humanitarian causes is at the heart of everything I do. I continue to work for humanitarian organizations as a consultant to fund My Petite Gallery while also pursuing a field I deeply enjoy. I'm excited about having a foot in each world and the possibilities of creating something unique with My Petite Gallery. I strongly believe that art is one of the most powerful tools to connect people, communicate messages, and provoke change. I truly believe art transcends differences and divergence in a universal way.

As Pablo Picasso once said, "The purpose of art is washing away the dust of daily life from our souls." This quote resonates with me profoundly. It echoes the impact I hope my gallery can have on people by providing meaningful art that can inspire and move them. It speaks to my mission of using art to bring joy and healing to people's lives and advocating for the causes that matter most to me.

I am excited to continue this journey and see where it takes me. I feel honored to represent the talented artists I work with and to create a space where they can showcase their work and connect with people across the globe. As I move forward, I aspire to continue growing My Petite Gallery, inspiring people through art, and making a small but meaningful difference in the world by supporting charities and bringing art and creativity into people's homes. And let's make it fun, authentic, and kind as we go along!

If you share my passion for art and supporting humanitarian causes, I invite you to join me on this journey. Check out My Petite Gallery's website, subscribe to our newsletter, and discover our artists.

Looking forward to seeing you online or in person at our next show! 2024 holds much promise and inspiration! A bientôt!

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