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Artist: Bart was not here

Medium: Digital Illustration - Printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching 305

Collection: "Seeing Red"

Size: 16x 24 in

Year: 2021


“Gods and Prophets on Strike is an illustration tailor-made for the Civil Disobedience Movement during the 2021 pro-democracy protests in Burma.
Burma, objectively, is a country where religiongoverns national policy directly or indirectly. Most of the civilians in the private and public work force have an attachment to their respective religions. When the 2021 coup happened in February, all the religious leaders that have beenprofiting off of the general public went radio silent to protect their interest, and also their lives.
The religious leaders hid and ran so the gods and prophets themselves had to come out and stand with the people.”

Gods and Prophets on Strike (English)

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