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Artist: Bart was not here

Medium: Digital Illustration - Printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching 305

Collection: "Seeing Red"

Size: 18x 24 in

Year: 2021


“Both ‘Light ‘Em Up’ and ‘Against All Odds’ are based on true events that occurred during the protests.

When the military opened fire on innocent civilians on 28th February 2021, most of the young people realized there was only one way to gain ourfreedom back. That route was far from easy. Young people, of all creed and color, started building barricades in the streets, forging make-shift steel shields, and made homemade molotov cocktails.
The two instances that really stood out to me were turned into illustrations as a part of this “Seeing Red” series.
The young man that was trying to fight live rounds with a bow and arrow, the civilian that threw a hand grenade into a military truck offered something refreshing while we were seeing all the news of death and despair flooding us in real life, and on social media.
These images, to me, offered something that I have never seen in the previous generation of Burmese people - the sheer will to physically fight the oppressor to retrieve our freedom.”

Light'em up

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